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Making Progress At Last!

WolfbornWithSubtitle_zps19a1fbe5Right, well, here goes, I’ve finally managed to edit the first chapter of Wolf Born, my original novel started way back when in 2004! It’s gone through many different incarnations. I’ve felt frustration at not being able, at times to complete it as quickly as I would like and having another little one in 2007, subsequent health problems, have all taken their toll on the writing process, not to mention my limited patience and putting a strain on me physically. The doctors have said I’ll be on medication permanently now and I’ve had to come to accept that as just a part of my life, and move on to bigger and better things! My writing is an escape from all of that.

Turning over another year, birthdays aside, and all that, I’ve actually enjoyed having the time to write, being busy starting other creative projects, such as jewellery making. I got some awesome gifts for my birthday too! As evidenced below in the pics! 002004005

Not sure I’ll be able to bring myself to write in the handmade notebook, and my eldest has already advised (or rather told me emphatically) I can only write in it using a fountain pen! If anyone is interested in these wonderful items, then the books are available from Amazon.com and the notebook is from http://www.pebblebeach.com!

That’s me for now, I’ll be posting my progress on Wolf Born over the next…Well, however long it takes to complete the manuscript. Then, I hope to have it proofread and edited! Afterward, I’m heading down the road of self-publishing, so I’ll keep readers posted of all the trials and tribulations of the process!

Also, I’m thinking of setting up a few other things, after gathering ideas from other writers, such as, @Gunterwriting for example, and am mulling over the idea of a newsletter, once events are moving at a faster pace and I have more exciting news to impart!

There are a few other ideas I’m stewing over, but I’ll let you guys know more once I do!

Thanks for reading! 🙂


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