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Myth & Reality!

Well, as you may, or may not, have realised by now, I’m a writer!! I have a very active imagination and as such enjoy spending whatever free time I have to imagine strange new worlds and type out my ideas before they’re lost forever in the world of housework, DIY and being kept busy with the kids and our miniature zoo. So, when I’m brushing my youngest daughter’s hair this morning I couldn’t help but wonder if goblins had tied her hair in knots during the night, or if the mythological Goddess, Mara/Mare was indeed real. Maybe, Mara had crept into my daughter’s room and put a few “mare-braids” into her hair just to make it ten times harder to brush out all the knots. Just a little peak into my mind at 8:30 in a morning!! 🙂

So, I’m sure for those who read my work and are interested in finding out what I’ve been doing for the past few days, the answer is, not much! Writing hasn’t been my main focus due to other priorities and a few personal issues that took over most of my brain and free time for a while.

Oath of God on Wattpad has stalled a little and I’m not sure how to get back on track?? House of Sept is in the tricky, sticky, stage of editing, where I’m not entirely sure whether to add another POV to the mix or not!?

I’ve been baking cupcakes for a birthday party for a friend’s little girl and as usual I didn’t want to do anything too easy. Besides, I like a challenge! So, there are 6 vintage style cakes and 6 butterfly buns as requested!


My husband had the fiddly task of popping all the edible gems out of their packaging!!

Baking is top of the enjoyment list, along with writing, when it’s all going well, of course! 🙂 My next challenge, is more vintage style cakes from the book I got for Xmas. I’m starting with the little ones and working my up. I’m hoping to post pictures here of my experiments!!

As for the writing, I’ll update soon as I have more to tell!!

Thanks for reading! 🙂


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