Action Lists! Wattpad! General Gossip, Really…

Well, I was saying only the other day how peaceful it was that the kids were back at school and I could actually get in some real hours doing writing and cleaning up the house after Christmas! Maybe, I jinxed myself by being way too optimistic or smug in the fact that I finally had the house all to myself, minus the pets, of course…?

My poor eldest child is now off sick with this cold virus that’s been going round! I had to drag her on the bus all the way to the doctors on Wednesday as I don’t drive and my husband is away working…and it was freezing…!

I don’t talk much about my family on this blog, but I feel really bad for her…no-one likes to get sick!! 😦

I’ve been writing still…and updates are coming out…there’s not much else I can do apart from be there and make sure medicine is taken at the right time, fluids are drunk and food is eaten, until she get’s well again!! I’m not needed much for comfort as she’s sleeping most of the day, so I feel a bit like a spare part and somewhat useless.

I’m hoping to get some new stuff out there, but don’t know when that’ll be, yet!

As for Wattpad, I went on this morning, and discovered House of Sept: Edited Version is number 62 on the lists for action! The reads are climbing steadily for a book that’s being edited and the first draft was posted on Wattpad for general viewing before hand.  Oath of God, well, that’s a bit more complicated, the story is sort of stalling inside my head, and I find that a little sad, really. If I’m not happy with it, will readers like it? Or should I just take it off Wattpad and do something else? I don’t know the answer to that one!

I haven’t even started working on my other book, which is a big secret so far, with only the title, WolfBorn being released to the public and readers! I sort of started editing the draft edition, but got waylaid by the success of House of Sept and it distracted me! I’ve berated myself thoroughly over this lapse, and intend to get right on the story and seriously work toward finishing! I’m thinking of posting a few excerpts of this book, but it won’t be a giveaway, no chapter by chapter or anything like that, just a few tasters to wet the readership appetite, so to speak! I’m hoping WolfBorn will prove as popular or maybe even more than House of Sept.

I need to get some writing done, and soon, but am at a loss as where to start?? Wattpad has been really handy in helping me realise that my writing and style has a following, but it can also be a distraction from getting what I’d call real and serious work done! Pretty much like blogging instead of writing my book!

Anyhow, thanks for reading! 🙂


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