It’s All Change And Go, Go, Go!

First of all, I’d like to apologise if updates are a little slow around the festive season as Christmas is quite hectic in our house and we’re never as organised as we like to think we are!

At the moment there is a lot going on, not just with present buying, wrapping and posting cards. There’s a new job on the horizon for my husband and plenty of projects on the burner, back and front, for me.

Writing is going slow right now. Xmas is a factor, but also getting enough quiet to think is an issue at the moment, what with the kids off school and all the chaos associated with having a house full.

I’m hoping to just enjoy Xmas, have a laugh and let the ideas in my head stew for a while before typing/publishing/posting and waiting anxiously for the feedback!

I really do appreciate all the readers and followers who have taken the time to look at my blog and my work and then go on to either vote, like and comment, or even all three.

There are many people out there who have given their time to help me out with ideas and as a soundboard for my own imaginative craziness on Twitter, Facebook, my blog and also Wattpad. I’d love to name them all, but don’t think my blog would have enough space for all my profuse thanks, which could go on into eternity, or at least the new year!!  A big shout out of gratitude goes to @GunterWriting, who has helped me a lot just be re-tweeting, pressing the favourite button and replying with a joke or three and also the snippets of his Hunter novel, which have kept me thoroughly entertained. A couple on Wattpad, MattParker0708 and also JonathonKonopka and Fella_, to name but a few of those who have been there with their comments and advice, all of which, I’ve read and appreciated.

Now, enough of the gushing! Let’s get back to the updates and progress report regarding the projects in the works and those still stuck in the pipeline! Naturally, there is Oath of God and House of Sept: Edited Version that are both on going. There is also the potential for several short stories, all of which shall be posted here as well as on Wattpad and linked through Twitter and Facebook!

The only thing left to say, for now at least, is Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

Thanks for reading! 🙂


2 thoughts on “It’s All Change And Go, Go, Go!

    1. Thanks! Sorry about delayed reply, sometimes I don’t get all my messages sent to my mobile!! I’m not sure why readers are so enamoured with House of Sept, but I’m please, nonetheless as any writer would be…!! ?:D

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