Appreciation and Amazement!!

Wow! I just cannot believe how many likes Oath of God: Chapter One has received, which is way more than the last short story I posted a while back!! A massive thank you to all readers and followers who looked it over and pressed that like button!! I appreciate the support, guys and girls, readers, writers and fellow authors. Whomever you may be, I’m just so grateful that you took the time to read and like!!

Well, the going is very slow for House of Sept: Edited Version, as editing is an arduous process for me.  I do find it quite difficult because I’m always worried I’ll mess things up and ruin the story. I have to hold myself back!

Oath of God is going okay, I guess. There are a few issues with Chapter One I’m not quite content with, but as it is a first draft, I’m willing to let those things slide, for now! I’ve had some positive comments regarding the Prologue, which is also available to view on a previous blog. That is always appreciated.

However, the newly revised Chapter One for House of Sept hasn’t attained a great deal of positive feedback as some readers feel the interaction Sacha had before, basically with herself, is somehow watered down now that another character has been added to the mix! I’m not sure what to think at this point!? Maybe I need to add the original that is only slightly altered and ask readers for their opinions, while I chew my fingernails to the bone awaiting their response!!

There’s a possibility of another short story to be published on Wattpad in the new year. Just a little idea I’ve had percolating in my brain for a few months that I’d like to share.

For now that’s it!! Updates coming soon!!

Thanks for reading! 🙂


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