House of Sept and Other Work in the Writerly Pipeline…

Okay! Here goes! I’m in the process of editing House of Sept. I’ve only been promising that I’ll crack on and get it done for several weeks now and I’m finally doing the deed. I’m not sure where it will take the story and naturally a few things will be altered and slightly changed in the process. It’s just how editing goes. It is possible that a few of the minor characters will be deleted completely to smooth out the confusion of just too many characters to remember, or their roles will be modified. There is also the issue of continuity, and a few issues with weapons and battle related equipment failures. There is research to be done and a new notebook to pack with ideas and references needed for later. I’ve got to get to grips with a few suggestions I’ve been given and whether or not to filter those into the story. I’ve really enjoyed writing House of Sept, but in a way, I suppose, the real work begins now. Likely, I’ll get frustrated, shout at the computer, have endless conversations in my own head with the author that is trying so hard to be the dominant personality, while my other side battles with the everyday, housework, kids, animals, and the daily grind of life. It isn’t easy being a writer, but I’m kind of hoping if I want it bad enough and work hard enough, one day, it’ll happen!

On a side note, I’ve started a second story called, Oath of God, which readers and followers of this blog will have come across yesterday when I posted the Prologue. It’s another “steampunk” related novel that will explore an entirely new world that has been destroyed and rebuilt in the conqueror’s warped idea of perfection. The protagonist is a woman named, Kama and will hopefully be a strong willed individual who will prove just how bad an idea it is to leave anyone alive after the battle, especially when they have a dragon on their side. Well, not exactly. It has a twist! I think any reader who enjoys clockwork and a little steampunk will enjoy this story. It is likely Oath of God will be darker than House of Sept. So be warned! πŸ™‚

A slightly disturbing thing I came across the other day was a blog post by someone I follow who mentioned coming across an author in Germany who was found to have plagiarised another author’s hard work and actually didn’t think that was wrong! I find this quite horrible to think that someone can just cut and paste someone else’s published work and then call it their own. I don’t know if anyone else finds this as disturbing as I do, but there is a suggestion that nothing is safe, not even the creations of a writer’s mind! 😦

Anyway, enough of that, for now! All I ask is that readers enjoy my work and continue to read!

Hoping to get news of my editing process for House of Sept and blog that in the next week or so, and there will be further links to my new story, Oath of God.

Thanks for reading. πŸ™‚


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