World of Reality VS Writing and Getting Published…


Above is the mock title page for Wolf Born, a fantasy novel that’s been in the works for a very long time now, and one that is linked to House of Sept, my first draft novel on Wattpad. Originally, Wolf Born was the one and only writing love of my life. Now, well, House of Sept is a close second and I do love the story, even if it needs major work and editing. There is yet another book wandering around inside my mind, screeching a really interesting plot, much like the wailings of a dejected ghost that probably knows I just don’t have the time to exorcise it just yet, never mind get some serious writing done. The plot is vague and I don’t really know where it’ll go, but I like the few ideas I have, so who knows?

It’s an on going struggle to find the time to squeeze in some writing and actually accomplish the goals I’d really like to achieve. What I’d like to do and what I get done are two very different things!

A few personal issues have, once again, tipped over the usually sedate apple cart of life. Hah! Yeah, right! Who am I kidding! This house is in a perpetual state of manic distress. Three kids, two dogs and four cats, does not provide much in the way of peace and quiet. However, lately, things have been, if possible, even more hectic than usual. Doctor’s appointments, vet appointments, Christmas, and my husband travelling to Telford, (two hours away from home) in the hopes he’d land this new job. So far, it looks promising, an offer is in the works and soon I’ll have the house to myself again. He is self-employed and works mostly from home right now and that is very distracting for a writer who prefers absolute solitude when writing.

I don’t listen to music. The T.V is always off when I write. Even the dog snoring is an irritant I’d rather not have when I’m in the middle of writing and trying to concentrate. Mostly, it just flows, easy. The hard part is the editing, which I think is my kryptonite. I’d prefer to have someone else do it, but right now that’s just not an option, so my poor characters and the story have to suffer my ill-skilled butchery of what usually starts as a really great story, but if I’m not careful ends up a pile of scattered remains nobody wants to read, let alone publish.

I’ve suggested edited chapters of House of Sept would be done by the end of the week and I’ve let not only myself down, but readers as well. For that, I can only apologise, and vow I WILL get them done, just that I can’t give an actual time frame for completion. Sorry guys!!

I’ve also been researching self-publishing and about getting an official author page. So, watch this space for details regarding that!! Even if I set it up and there isn’t an actual finished book to purchase, there will be free short stories, news and information regarding my “quest” to make it as an author!! 🙂

Wish me luck!! And thanks for reading!! 🙂


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