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Reading a Really Good Book!!

Dying for a Living by Kory M Shrum was an experience, let me tell you! The story is a wonderful mix of the supernatural with a dash of intrigue, mystery, murder and angels!! I really liked the main character, Jesse!

Jesse was refreshing. Not some cardboard cut-out with no sense of personality, but rather a gritty, often sarcastic and witty character, I wouldn’t mind bumping into on the street, so long as she wasn’t about to do a death replacement on me!! Any way you look at that, it’s painful, for Jesse and the victim.

I wasn’t sure about Lane, her on-off boyfriend. He was a bit needy, when it came to the fact he wanted more than Jesse was prepared to give and sort of cornered her into making a commitment. Although, it touched a nerve and he did stand by her when it came to the danger aspect, when she let him, of course!!

I really loved Ally, Jesse’s “assistant” and also a cause of contention as Ally doesn’t like Lane at all and there is intimate history between Ally and Jesse. Ally was great and I think a better match for Jesse!!

Gloria, the AMP or “psychic”, who predicts events and aids in death replacement assignments, was a really good character and I liked her a lot. The other subsequent characters were occasionally just there to aid in often clichéd conveniences. Such as Kyra for the “road trip” and getting into the church near the end.

However, those tiny negatives were minor compared to the amazing story and great lines that stuck with me! The mysterious angles that aren’t all good and certainly like to be tricky and speak in riddles that are both frustrating and yet, gripping. I like Gabriel. I love this book. I’m definitely buying the sequel!!

Thanks for reading!! 🙂


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