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Finishing a Full Length Novel. Harry Potter. And General Mooching…

Yeah, I know the title is a little long, but it sort of generalises what I’m about to fit into my long overdue blog! I’ve really enjoyed writing House of Sept, as readers of this blog and Wattpad know from all the gossip I’ve been planting into my blog and comments. I’ve sort of written myself into a bit of quandary, as the story is now quite complicated and I feel there way too many characters, introduced far too quickly with no detailed background for them to build a foundation with readers. This is a problem that I know I have to fix in the editing process. However, it’s kind of stunted my writing and interest in the story. One, because it’s nearing the end and I hate endings. Two, there are things that require fixing, but I really need to complete before I start tinkering. Sigh…It’s a big problem for me right now.

HouseofSept_zpsacc2c54f new cover

There is also the small trip we’re taking to visit Harry Potter Tour near London, which is special birthday request from our youngest! An overnight stay at a Premier Inn and then a full day at the tour, I can’t think of a better way to spend a weekend, really. We’re also going with two friends as well, to make a really good outing of the whole trip. We’ve been three times already and visited when the animal actors were there, our friends haven’t been yet, so it’ll be interesting to see their reaction to the whole theatre of the place. It just so happens, we’ll also be seeing something new, as the Dark Arts portion of the tour has been updated with a new display! Can’t wait!!

I’ve been doing quite a bit of procrastination, not to mention, some much needed D.I.Y in the house! The bathroom needed sorting, as there was a mould problem that required treatment with some really horrible spray that stank the place out, but did the job!! Now, I’ve got painting, although the special antibacterial wallpaper is up and finished on the back wall!! (I’ve no idea if antibacterial paper works, but it sounded good at the time and it’s excellent quality!! Plus it’s washable) Anyway, I’ve replaced the wallpaper at the bottom of the stairs and near the front door where our youngest dog, Rogue, somehow got out of the dog gate and ate it!! Why is it they choose the most expensive and no longer manufactured paper to chew on??!

Still love you, Rogue, despite your chewing obsession!! 🙂

All in all, I’ve been majorly busy. Made a cake the other day for our youngest, homemade lollipops and a tricky task of icing a square cake left me with yellow dyed hands from the food colouring and a high level of stress!! It was worth it, though, just to open the fridge and show her the cake she chose out of the book that actually resembled said picture!! I waited until she left the room to wipe the accumulated sweat off my brow and breath a sigh of relief that it was a success!! 028

Family and friends all say I should think about making cakes for a living. Me? Well, I like it as a hobby, but writing and drawing are my real passions. With an added side line in decorating!

There is also the dreaded prospect of going out into the world and getting back into the reality of a job, as the finance issue is becoming grave and I occasionally do need to get out of the house!!

Not sure how work and such will affect my writing, but I’ll squeeze it in somewhere. I have to. Writing and reading is an important part of my life.

Anyway, need to get back to packing and my chores!!

Thanks for reading!! 🙂


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