Just a Writer? Really?

I don’t believe there is a, JUST, of anything or anyone. We all have our flaws, we all gave our uniqueness, and we all have dreams or ambitions that we’d really like to manifest themselves into reality. Only, it’s not that easy to bring out the fantasy of the mind into the real world, is it? I mean, nothing comes free, least of all the things we want most. What we desire takes work, hard work. Writing is not an occupation I would suggest anyone take on lightly. It can be gruelling at times, but it can also be greatly satisfying.

There is nothing better than getting that positive feedback. Watch the reads jump up on Wattpad and know someone is at least reading what you put out there. Get the feedback you need most and work on the story.

However, there is also the negative. The research, which can be headache inducing agony! Personally, for my own work, I believe in authenticity as much as I possibly can and filter it through the story so that its simply a part of that world and not just an add on. So, naturally there’s weapons, magic, myth, food and cookery, (yes, sometimes it helps to look into that stuff too!) there’s also crystals and healing. All of which makes a huge difference if the world you create as a writer induces a sense of reality and solidity.

Then, there are the days where a part of the story just isn’t going right, or a conversation doesn’t fit with what you want to portray. There are times when doubt creeps in and I think,’why don’t I get a “real job”?’

BUT, I can’t think like that for long! And I don’t! The stories in my head are way too strong too let me wallow! They want out. The characters want to speak and tell their story. So, I let them, through me.

I know I go on a lot about House of Sept, but it really has turned into something I know I can work with and during the edit make great and even better than the first draft!

There are also a few other things bubbling away in my mind and I’m hoping to do another story soon, with a completely new plot and world, with different magical concepts and a completely whole new set of rules!

I hope readers will love my work as much as I do, but for now I’m content with merely writing them!!

Thanks for reading. ๐Ÿ™‚


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