I’m a Writer! Honest!!

There is a sign on my desk at the bottom of my computer screen, which says, “Only dead fish go with the flow”.

I’ve taken that to mean it’s perfectly ok for me to be my unusual self because that is who I really am!!

I think I’ve always been sort of destined to write. As a child my imagination was very active and perhaps it isolated me from other children and sometimes even my parents. They simply couldn’t get their head around this strange child they created, who talked to invisible friends and made up stories like they were true!!

Reading a really good book in the genre I love and occasionally dipping my toe into other worlds is fun for me and an escape from the humdrum of regular life, such as, ironing (yawn) and cleaning the oven (bigger yawn).

It’s why I choose to write. When a story is going well and so are the characters, then writing is a lot like reading a book by a favourite author, except the author is me!!

I don’t really know what it’s like for other writers. I only know writing from my own perspective.

There’s something amazing about going back to read chapters of a story or manuscript that I’ve written and finding a section that makes me laugh, a characters comment or piece of action that gives me the shivers!!

I know I’ve done that. Put in the work. Typed something memorable.

On Wattpad House of Sept is doing well. 950 reads and over a 100 votes, and more than 50 comments, which I truly appreciate, especially the constructive replies from followers!!

So, basically, yeah I’m a little strange, but I write stories and that’s okay!!

Thanks for reading. 🙂


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