Think of something! Anything!

HouseofSept_zpsacc2c54f new cover

Erm, yes, well, I’ve been extremely busy with quite a few things lately! The odd personal issue and a friend being rushed into hospital with a suspected blood clot! All of that takes a toll on the old blog!

There’s also been the continuing saga on Wattpad. House of Sept is up to chapter 19 and chapter 20 is in the draft stage. The story has become very complex with possibly too many threads and characters. These are flaws that will need to be addressed in the edit I will attempt to do once the story is complete.

I’ve also been doing some DIY projects in the house, a never ending task! There have been the usual school/kid stuff to deal with, namely pumpkin carving, Halloween disco and harvest festival. To name but a few.

I haven’t really had the time to nurture my blog for a quite a while and I feel like I’ve been neglecting my duties as a dedicated blogger!! I assure regular readers this is not the case. I cherish you all!! I’m always grateful to those who comment, even if my phone doesn’t alert me to that fact! I also apologise to anyone who doesn’t receive a reply promptly. Sadly, technology isn’t always my friend and I struggle to get notifications!

My other worry, is that I can’t always offer anything particularly exciting or even informative. The writing process is a long and hard road of trials and tribulations along the way to even a glimpse of success…

Right now, House of Sept is a project I really want to complete. I wouldn’t like to leave it unfinished. Given how popular it is in certain circles, I think I run the risk of being lynched if I don’t write an ending.

In the beginning I sort of just winged it with House of Sept and I wrote the chapters quickly without much regard for how they would link together until I wrote myself into a corner, so to speak. Now, I have to iron out the wrinkles and also the mistakes made with weapons and armour description. I wanted to kick myself when I got the comment highlighting the fact, when I should have known better.

Research is another thing I do a lot of. Actually, I spend a lot of time making sure I don’t trip over and fall flat on my face! Unfortunately, there is the odd occasion when something slips in like a treacherous snake and poisons all of my hard work with a badly placed phrase or the placing of a staff on someone’s back!

Sigh…It’s the joy of being a writer, I guess! At least someone pointed it out and I can now go back and correct that little flaw!

I also appreciate the new reads on Wattpad for my other work, namely the shorts, World’s Beginning, Elemental and finally Tick Tock!!

AsarlsOrderShortStory_zps536517a1 new cover

elemental new cover

A lot of thanks has to go out to the person who made my new covers, you know who you are! 🙂

And many thanks and good wishes to any who read this blog!!


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