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I’ve just been nursing a hot cup of tea and checking out the usual stuff like Twitter and Facebook, but what I really got excited about was my Wattpad page and the amount of reads for House of Sept. Some may not feel that 835 reads is such a great thing, but for me, I’m just really grateful that anyone took the time to read my stuff in the first place! I am truly thankful to all those who have read House of Sept.

I’d like to know for sure they liked it, or what their thoughts are on the story, but the comments and critique I’ve received so far have been very helpful.

The story was supposed to just be a sort of “toe-dipping” exercise into the world of actually writing something and then publishing it for a wider audience. I didn’t intend for it to become what it is now. In fact, I fully intended to just write chapter one have it flop and then go back to my other novel and edit that for an agent and publication. BUT, as a writer I can’t think that way. One must be positive or the negativity can sometimes bleed through into the work, at least for me anyway!

House of Sept has become somewhat of a phenomena, actually! I’ve converted a crime thriller reader to the world of fantasy and they really love the story, even if they have to ask questions regarding a few of the more magical aspects, but I don’t mind that! I’ve received useful weapon advice from a follower on Wattpad and have a few you tube videos to watch on fighting techniques, which I’m sure I’ll really enjoy. (yep, I’m a bit odd that way!) Show me an antique weapon and I’ll be there for a while examining it, finding out the history.

House of Sept is slowly turning into a really good story. Not great. Yet. Editing later will improve a few of the shaky bits of ground that have inevitably developed over the course of the first draft. I want to give a certain character a little more “screen” time and smooth out a few of the sections I’m not quite happy with as I’ve read back to correct spelling mistakes etc.

However, I’m pleased with how it’s gone so far. I’ve had a bit of time off lately, not by choice, but any regular reader of this blog will know all about the operation and medical stuff I’ve dealt with over the past few months. That takes it’s toll on writing when it’s physically impossible to actually sit at the computer because the pain is so bad. Anyway, that’s mostly cleared now and I’ve loved every minute writing House of Sept. I only wish I could spend more. However, little things like eating and sleeping get in the way. 🙂

Over the next few weeks I’ll hopefully finish House of Sept’s first draft and then I have a few research books to buy on magic, weapons, history, myth; all the usual really when I write fantasy.

Perhaps one day soon I’ll not only be a writer, but a published author as well!! (here’s to hoping)

Thanks for reading! 🙂


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