Absence makes the heart grow fonder…I hope??

Busy with writing and life at the moment has caused me to neglect my blog somewhat. I feel terrible for that, so here’s a post to make up for it. I think House of Sept has swept me away as writing such a good concept and making it into a story tends to do, at least for me! I’m finding the characters so alluring I’m ignoring a lot of other things lately, like housework, not that I miss it! Although, hunger does pull me away from the computer on occasion, as well as the kids, and the inevitable shopping trips to go buy said food.

I’ve started part-time cleaning, which also cuts into writing, although, saying that it’s only one day a week every fortnight at the moment. I mean, I wouldn’t want to interrupt the flow too much, now would I? 🙂

A lot has been going on, but I’ve managed to write fourteen chapters for House of Sept on Wattpad in about two weeks. I don’t think it would make a novel length story as there won’t be enough words, however it’s getting good comments, and plenty of reads, so at the moment I’m happy with that.

I want to get it finished soon and back onto editing my other novel. I’m intending to post my progress on that score, regarding publication and all the terror and hope that goes with the process.

Thanks for reading! Update soon!! 🙂


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