Distraction is Prograstination’s Best Friend!

Anyway…I’ve finally set up a Facebook account! Shock! Horror!

Yes, I know. Some people thought it might never happen. I’ve been saying for a while now that I’ll get around to doing the inevitable and add yet another social media thingy to my profile and existence!

Although, saying that, I’m mainly using Facebook as yet another authorial platform and a way to advertise my work so far, with the prospect of having a reader base once I’m published. (it will happen!!)

I’ve got my focus firmly on getting my long standing novel finished before Christmas! What? I hear you cry, so quickly?? I note the looks of confusion, shock, and ultimately, doubt.

And I shall smite you all…Coughs…Errmm…Yes…Well, let’s not get carried away! I wouldn’t want folk to think I’m anymore crazy than they already suspect! 🙂

Basically, though, I’m serious about completing and publishing the novel that has been waiting in the wings for so long now it’s likely got cramp in its pages, or at least a coating of dust thick enough to write in!

Now my youngest is at school full-time I’ve got no excuse not to spend all day writing…Oh, yeah, apart from the trillion chores that never seem to end and all the other stuff I never have enough time to do!

Apart from that, I’m good to go! Now, if only someone could get me a hot chocolate…Looks round expectantly!

elemental new cover

HouseofSept_zpsacc2c54f new cover


2 thoughts on “Distraction is Prograstination’s Best Friend!

    1. Thanks! The covers are done by my eldest!

      (apologies for late reply, I’ve been so busy writing that I’ve neglected my blog)

      Thank you for reading and commenting. Any further queries feel free to ask!! 🙂

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