Interesting Developments…

This is so weird, even for me…House of Sept has jumped from 175 reads before I went to bed last night, to 210 reads this morning. For me that is a major achievement! There have also been votes and comments. All of which are appreciated. Although, after writing so much in such a short time, I’m starting to have doubts as to whether it’s all such a good idea. House of Sept is so closely linked to my other novel, the one wrapped in brown paper and stamped ‘Top Secret’ that I feel maybe I’ve given too much information away!! I’ll gnaw on my own liver later, in private! However, there is a bit in Chapter 5 that I feel lets slip quite a bit of stuff I maybe should have kept more of a mystery.

I am immensely pleased how well House of Sept has been received. It cannot be denied that this story is a bit of a success in the reads department. I have a few more comments on the board, mostly positive. Which is good, right? I don’t know? Readers enjoy the characters and story. There are questions obviously. Writing a story as you go is somewhat of a challenge as readers find it somewhat difficult to hold onto to previous chapters and link them to further in the story. It’s not the same when you read a whole book in one go. The reader goes from A-B relatively smoothly, without much interruption. Wattpad however encourages the writer to publish as they go! For me, this causes issues, readers say things like, I love the story, but it’s a bit confusing, or I’m not sure about the end of this chapter, but in a way, the story is out of context, given it is written chapter by chapter. It’s like being posted a letter word by word, it’ll take a while to get the gist of the conversation.

Given all my doubts, House of Sept is in demand. The only problem being, I haven’t done as much work on my novel as I would like. The most important thing to me is getting that finished and properly published. I’ve been working on it for about ten years now and it deserves recognition. At least in my eyes anyway!

I do like that Wattpad has helped me get over some of my failings. I’ve just been writing without overthinking the issue and the conversations. I really like that freedom. The escape from my writerly OCD!

I hope to continue with House of Sept, but at some point, my other work with become more of a priority!

Thanks for reading!! 🙂


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