#Writing! Part Two!

Hah! I’ve actually broken the mental barrier of procrastination and written another four chapters for House of Sept in two days! Published on Wattpad, it’s showing I can actually attract an audience!! Awesome!! Progress!!

Readers really like the story and main character, plus a few of the secondary one’s as well! I know that writing as I go is a challenge and is ultimately like a first draft, but I’m trying to edit as I go and not inflict too many spelling/grammar mistakes on any subsequent readers. At the moment there haven’t been too many issues in that regard. Although, it is proving difficult to not give too much of my current novel project away as House of Sept is linked to that world, but far into the future!!

This post is just an update really on progress. I’ve begun the final edit of my novel at last! I can’t say it’s easy, cutting scenes and stuff is hard on the nerves. Also, on the old heart strings as well. I get attached to my characters and writing. So, I find it difficult to slash something I’ve worked so hard on.

It has to be done, though. To make the novel the best it can be, sacrifices must be made and I’m sure my characters in the book will understand. Hopefully.

Anyway, I’ll be doing my novel and House of Sept side by side, hoping it isn’t a distraction. Maybe I’ll try alternate days or something so I don’t get mixed up. Although, I doubt that’ll happen. House of Sept is rather different to my other novel as the story is further ahead and the characters uniquely opposites.

The computer desk is cluttered with papers now! The battle is on! Let’s hope I win the war!

Thanks for reading!! 🙂


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