House of Sept and other works…

reading v housework

I’ve actually managed to get writing done in between housework and DIY!! Wahoo…or whatever!!

Wattpad has seen my followers go up along with reads and votes for my work published on the site. I now have four stories, three of which are shorts, World’s Beginning, Tick Tock, and finally, Elemental, with House of Sept intending to be a full length novel. My work is generally linked to the world of my long standing novel, as I’ve said before. I’ve always loved David Gemmel’s books, where he would go back to the world of the Drenai and show us a different timeline of a certain character like Druss and so many of those works are linked in such a way. I enjoy this sort of writing, a different story, set in the same world, but maybe on a alternative path, with different/new characters. Also, the style of writing is important and Gemmel was always very good.
I think, as a writer, there are always influences, such as reality, films, books, and imagination. There are also perhaps favourite authors a writer may try to emulate. For me, I prefer the more traditional fantasy of Gemmel and Eddings, although, I do enjoy Jaqueline Carey and her books set in the world of the D’Angeline, a place of intricate mystery and political plotting. I loved it and have the nine books written so far in the series. There is also Steven Erickson, an author who writes complicated works, but are filled with amazing characters and a great story. Sadly, I’ve only read up to book four, as once opened, I can easily get lost within the pages of a book and these are quite complicated and require much of my attention for days!!

And there are many other authors whose books I’ve read along the way and have likely influenced my work!

My style is one of slow release. That is to say, I don’t give away too much information. I don’t write solid blocks of paragraphs with copious amounts of descriptive text or endless reams of explanation. I prefer for the reader to do a little work and utilize their own imagination and fill in the blanks. I like to filter titbits of info into the story and weave together all those threads into a whole. Sometimes, this can affect my short stories as I often see them as a snippet cut from whole cloth and they can leave readers feelings a little cheated, I guess. They want more. A good thing, I hear you cry. Yes, it is. I enjoy the positive commentary I receive and thanks readers often for the time they’ve taken to look at my work. I also take on board the negative, when it applies, such as spelling and grammar, a flaw of many writers. What I don’t appreciate is when a reader looks at my work and because it isn’t a genre they like, leave something negative, like names are too complicated, or some such, and I sit back thinking, well no-one forced you to read this. If you say Fantasy isn’t your thing, don’t read my stories, you may not like them!!

Saying that! I have converted a friend who mainly reads crime novels to fantasy! They love House of Sept! The main character Sacha is a firm favourite all round. Even the mystery is appreciated.

I’ve read books where not all the answers are given straight away. I prefer this style. Hence why I use it myself. All writers have different techniques. Mine is to be mysterious and not sugar coat the truth!

My novel is a glimpse into a world where nothing is what it seems…

Soon, I hope to be able to share that world with readers!!

Thanks for reading this blog!! 🙂


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