Housework Versus Writing…Round One!

Well, it’s been a long day for me…A long summer holiday with the kids off and a husband who works from home has taken a real toll on the house. This week I decided to get on with all the chores I’ve been putting off! Such as, changing my youngest child’s bed, which is a top bunk! I won’t go into detail the horrors I found hiding amongst the sheets, like an abundance of empty crisp packets…Anyway, I decided to sort the cupboards in the living room and reorganize them! Hoover, polish, empty dishwasher, refill the damn thing and all the usual everyday stuff that makes me feel like I’m working on a production line in a factory!!

The saddest thing I have to confess is the lack of writing. I haven’t done a single story or typed anything for my novel. I feel like a failure everyday I don’t write a word or do something else equally creative. It’s as if the day has been wasted. Oh, I have a nice tidy house, given there are two adults, three kids, four cats and two dogs living in a modest three bedroom terraced house. Except, there’s always something to do. The work is never finished.

Sometimes, I wish I was still young and had less responsibilities. Less things to take me away from what I really love to do, which is write and draw. Only, I do have children and animals that need me to help take care of them. No doubt tonight will consist of a rushed tea followed by squeezing in some writing just so I feel like I’ve accomplished something other than clean dishes and fresh bedding!

I’m lucky because at the moment I only work part-time helping my husband with his business and doing a little cleaning on the side. (yeah, cause I don’t have enough to do at home!) So, I can get more time for writing than those poor souls who have to suffer a full-time job and raising a family, or just a job in general as well as trying to find those rare opportunities to write.

I’d love to converse with other writers and find out if they get as frustrated as I do with the mundane distractions of the real world and how they cope with that and fitting in the time to write.

Please, feel free to comment if you wish…

And thanks for reading! 🙂


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