The world of Imagination and Great Possibilities!

It’s a strange place inside my head sometimes, even for me. There are worlds trapped inside that open their doors to me at night in the deepest and darkest of dreams. There are so many possibilities. Hence the title of this blog! I’ve likely got way too many ideas rolling around in there to do them justice in one lifetime. I’ve got notebooks galore crammed with stories and ideas, not to mention the ones I haven’t had time to write down yet! There are drawings and sketches of weapons, people and animals scattered around the house somewhere! (actually, that’s a bit of a fib, I know exactly where they all are. Filed in my cabinet downstairs!) Oh, and I’ve ended up with even more ideas, with no clue where to put them all. The short on clockwork was just a vague thing at first. Now, it’s become this epic adventure that readers want more of! I have edited the story on Wattpad, although not on my blog. So, unfortunately there are still spelling mistakes and the ending hasn’t been altered like it has on Wattpad. I’m being put against the wall with nowhere to hide. I don’t really mind. Having a story that is popular enough readers want to know more is great for a writer. I know the story could have done with a lot more work, but it was only intended as a short, a sort of flash in the pan inspiration, a glimpse into the world of my full length novel. Thanks has to go to @Gunterwriting for the initial idea. I hope he is pleased with the outcome his idea has created! I know I am! 😀

I’ve got a few things on the back burner, so to speak, or rather write about! A couple of short stories I’d like to get done. I also want to add a second chapter to House of Sept, another story readers want to know more about. This was initially intended as a way for me to get back into my writing after ill health. Now, it’s turned into something more than I originally intended. I’m not entirely sure what it will end like. I’m sort of winging it. I do have a few vague assumptions of my own as to where the story/characters are going to end up. A lot of my writing is a mystery at first, especially the first draft. I just write whatever comes into my head and then edit it later. I really enjoy the beginning of a story, the creative side, just typing whatever you think is awesome. Then, the editing monster raises its ugly head and growls, ‘You can’t do that! The story’s not going anywhere. Stop meandering like a lost traveller!’ That’s when I have to decide what to keep and what to cut. A very sad day indeed.

I’ve always found short stories a lot easier than novels. Shorts are a way to share snippets of ideas. I like just giving a glimpse of something that has the potential of being something so much greater. Allowing such a thing to live up to its full potential is somewhat harder. However, I’ve always enjoyed a challenge. I look forward to one day having my full length manuscript in hand, all printed and ready to go on its journey to the publisher! (here’s hoping)

I also posted a short on my blog a while ago regarding a character out of my novel named, Meredil. I didn’t really get the chance to flesh it out like I wanted as it was before my operation and the pain was terribly distracting. I’d like to go back to that and do the story justice. This will probably be published on Wattpad. I’m not sure about whether I will post the new version on my blog. It’s just an idea at the moment.

I’d also like to post my own experiences of trying to get an agent when the time rolls around for me to start trying again. This will just be as a sort of advice section on how to go about the tricky process of getting published from a sort of bird’s eye view of the writer/author…

Once again, thanks for reading! 🙂


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