Ideas! Inspiration! Initiative!

I really love coming up with new stories, planning, inventing and letting my imagination get carried away with a new world, characters and plot. I like that whole new histories can grow. People with their own mythology. New forms of magic that are invented by the writer and made so believable that the reader could imagine those constructs being used in the real world. I really enjoy going back to a good piece of writing and reliving the adventure, knowing I’ve written that piece and it still captures my imagination. Reading old work and finding parts within the pages that surprise even me.

There are so many advantages to being a writer. Allowing yourself to become immersed in a really good story and building the world within, populated by characters that slowly, over time, become like friends, they’re so familiar.

The world within my novel is a complicated place to live. Not to mention an entire history and magical formula that has been created for various characters. Different races have their own techniques, including martial and magic. There are a few different myths. A central plot that involves all the usual treachery, with a bit of a twist, or should I say a sting in the tail! The most popular motto within my novel is, “Nothing is ever what it seems!” and that holds true throughout. I hope to create a story and a world that readers will love and want to return there more than once.

At the moment the short I wrote recently about clockwork called, Tick! Tock! has proven most popular on the Wattpad site and I’ve had several requests to expand it. I’ve also been asked to write another story based on the characters in order to gain a little insight into certain intriguing elements within the story. I have thought about this long and hard and I would like to accommodate readers and their various requests. However, I don’t want to give away too much information that might spoil the novel I’m currently writing. The short was based on the world of my novel, but in the future and there a few things in there, clues if you will, that will hopefully become clear once my novel is published.

It would be amazing to receive comments from readers once that fateful day comes and see if anyone follows the breadcrumbs and pieces them all together into a whole.

For now, I’m content to work on my novel and a few shorts until I can get myself together and find that elusive agent!

Thanks for reading! 🙂


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