The torment of a Writer!

writer's block pic It’s pretty sad when no matter what you do there is just no way for the stuff that’s in your head to flow out through your fingertips and imprint your imagination onto the computer screen!

The technique that works best for is not to stress about it…Well, not too much anyway! I find that if I leave my work, be it a short or novel, and let it simmer for a while, then everything works out in the end.

I usually get my best ideas when I’m chilled and relaxing. Night/evening is good. I keep a notebook and pen upstairs just in case I get any ideas that need to be written down before they slip from my mind.

Someone I know and talk to often via twitter, uses a typewriter and asked if I also used one. Or ever had. A few days ago I found an old picture of me as a child at Christmas and I was proudly holding a large box which contained a typewriter…An Ultra 450! Whatever the heck that was. I don’t know. What I am sure of is that this typewriter and my love of books has been my inspiration for writing since I was a girl. I’ve always loved going into other worlds and reading about characters that become friends. I used to have imaginary ones of my own and make up stories. Being an only child for the first eight years of my life left me with the opportunity to build my own worlds inhabited by playmates that lived out the adventures I created…

Then…I grew up and thought all of that was over. People, normal, everyday people don’t write books. Adults don’t read fantasy…They work, raise kids…get a bit boring really! Since then I’ve come to realise people can be whomever they wish to be. There is no set standard. No book of rules. I’m a qualified administrator, but I want to be an author. Only hard work and determination, with a little bit of good luck, will make that happen!

Thanks for reading! 🙂


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