Myth! Magic! And Writing Mayhem!!

Finally, I got the clockwork short done and dusted! It was posted and published. On this blog and Wattpad.

Although, I didn’t do my usual editing and spell check, so I’ve done that now and altered the story on Wattpad.

There have been a few slight changes/additions, which I think have added to the story. Nothing major, just a sentence or two, a slight alteration here and there, to smooth a few awkward phrases. I believe this has helped the story make a bit more sense, while still keeping some of the mystery that has made this story so popular on the Wattpad site!  It got 35 reads within two hours of it being posted. I’ve had comments made to me personally, from people who’ve read it, (not just family, and also people who usually read only crime novels) this is a great story and they want more! There’s also been the usual disbelief that ordinary people, neighbours, folks off the street, can write such great things that are actually enjoyable! I’ve started getting over the phobia of people seeing and reading my work for fear it will be rejected or even ridiculed. It isn’t the praise that has changed my mind. Although, good reviews are always great. It’s the belief I have in my work. I know I’ve got the capability to write a darn good story every now and then. I’m determined that my novel will be available for readers to enjoy and hopefully they will connect with my characters in the same way I have.

I’m also up against the wall with House of Sept. New readers have asked, no demanded, when another chapter will be published. It’s a great thing to have readers who want more of your work. The only problem, is I’ve got so much work to do already. My novel needs to be completed. The final draft is so much harder than just writing without thinking. Just letting the creativity flow and all that. It’s great at the time. Now I’ve got the chore of editing and making sense of the story so it’s enjoyable for readers.

I shouldn’t complain. There are readers out there who want me to write more of a story they’ve become attached to and I’m determined to live up to their requests. Even if I end up haggard and pale from lack of sunlight, while I sit hunched over the laptop late into the night, wishing I could get an intravenous drip of caffeine to keep my eyes open! 🙂 Writing even a short can be exhausting, especially when you try and write over five thousand words in about four hours!! But what I’ve achieved was worth all the sore fingertips!!

Now, with the kids back at school, the plan is to get the artwork completed for the winner of the writing competition I posted a while back. Then, it’s back to my main novel in the week and any additional works to be done at night or the weekend. There’s also the task of getting a photo done and changing all my profiles, so they look more professional and readers actually know who I am. Instead of thinking I’m a cat or an owl! 🙂

Keep watching this space for more updates and stories. I intend to post some more advice on the writing process as I’ve learnt it along the way and also to find out my notes on getting an agent and what that all entails. This will be information mostly based on UK standards for publishing etc. Although, from what I’ve gathered a lot of that advice is pretty universal.

Thanks for reading!  🙂




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