A fellow writer friend once did a blog referring to the state of procrastination…and I have to admit to falling into that trap right now! I’ve been watching Fringe and got up the middle of series three, but I haven’t been doing any writing! Just thinking about it! Not good. I’ve also been on holiday, to the Chatsworth Fair, and to a wedding. All very interesting, busy stuff. Not writing, though. For a writer that is a very bad state to be in. At least for me.

It’s not like I don’t have loads of ideas. My brain is overflowing with stories and possible plots for my novel. I’m really anxious to get back to it. Once the kids are back at school I’ll have loads of hours in the day to write. Plus, I’m on a bit of a schedule. I want to get my final draft completed ASAP and go hunting for an agent. I’d love to see my work in print. So, what’s going on? Why am I wasting all this precious time? I’m not entirely sure how to answer that, even to myself. Perhaps it’s because I hate endings. When I get a really great book I find myself getting sad when the ending gets close. I miss the characters. The story. The adventure, It’s the same with my own work. I really don’t like to say goodbye. Perhaps it’s psychological or something. I don’t know. It’s a hurdle I really need to get over if I ever want to get my work published. An issue I need to resolve.

I’m sure there’s an explanation for it. I just don’t know how to answer it.

There are many books on my shelf that I’ve read over and over. A precious few are on the annual reading list. I go back to the beginning and pore over that same story, characters and plot. I laugh with them and on occasion even cry with them, get afraid when there’re in danger, despite knowing how it’s going to end! For me that is the tell of a really great book. Something you want to go back and read more than once.

I’ve already done a blog on Eddings. I’ve ranted on about how much I love his books. The Belgariad series, and of course, Belgarath’s biography, along with Polgara’s. Although the writing is more traditional fantasy and has one of the oldest plots around; orphan boy does good and saves the world, I found it alluring, entertaining and the magical construct different to others I’ve read before. I also like the humour and dry wit of some characters. There is also the six books of Sparhawk. Again this has an entirely new world, with a different magical construct, history and myth. They are also re-read on a regular basis!

One of my other favourite authors, David Gemmel, a British writer, who created some of the most amazing stories I’ve ever come across! While it is more like traditional fantasy, it doesn’t follow too many of the old tropes. Legend, Gemmel’s first book has Druss in it, a man just turned sixty, asked to go back to war to save a nation and a man named Rex who finds his courage. A strong female warrior named, Virae. And another troubled female archer, Caessa. There’s intrigue, treachery and also mystery. I love this book so much the poor spine is cracked and worn! I like that some of the endings don’t follow the normal perimeters of fantasy and quite a few have shocked me! Take Dark Moon for instance. The finish of that was amazing and spectacular. It was also completely unexpected and still pulls at my heart to this day.

These are just two of the many authors who have inspired me. Only a handful have drawn my gaze more than once. These are the one’s closest to the sort of stuff I love to write.

I hope I’ll do half as good a job!  

Thanks for reading. 🙂



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