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Back Again!

Just had a holiday where getting an actual internet connection was a rare commodity, like seeing a dragon flying through the clouds! It was good to get away, but I do get a bit anxious when I leave my writing for so long, like I’m not working, or something’s missing! Also went to Chatsworth House for the fair, which was great. Loads of stalls, craft work for sale, jewellery, amazing food, with plenty of free tasters! Some beautiful cakes that made me itch to get into my own kitchen and start baking again! We went with friends, their kids and our youngest, it was a really great day, although I’m paying for all that walking now. My back and hip have been giving me some real problems at the moment. Seems my body didn’t appreciate the hard work! I just can’t stay cooped up in the house all the time right now. Had enough of that when the pain was really bad and recovery from the operation, which is still going on, but I’m capable of enjoying myself. I fully intend to make the most of not feeling like I’ve got two metal rods shoved under the skin of both legs, where every footstep was chronic agony, even with painkillers. It feels like I’ve gained my freedom once more. It’s also nice to be able to sit and write as the trapped nerve was pressing in such a way that even sitting normally was a trial of endurance against the pain.

I’m just doing a quick update, really! Just to let readers know I haven’t been abducted by the characters in my novel and tied down to the keyboard until I finish their story! 🙂

There are a few stories in the works at the moment, including a short for the winner of the competition! I want this to be an intense snapshot into a crazy world of adventure, where myths and legends are a reality!

I’m really starting to enjoy my writing again. In the beginning I got excited just thinking up the ideas, never mind actually going to the computer and getting it all down! I love that I’m the creator of these worlds and the characters within the pages of my novel. In some cases it’s even better than reading! I think it’s because I’m doing something I really love. My normal job, before I became a mother etc. was in Admin, and while I loved the work and meeting people and working with my colleagues, it simply doesn’t compare to a full day of great writing! Although, I do get a lot of satisfaction out of baking an amazing cake, a new recipe, or tweaking an old one. This is also similar to the joy I get out of drawing and painting. Guess I’m just one of those creative people and a little bit of a geek! I got really excited to find a stall that did unique jewellery, pin badges of Doctor Who, S.H.E.I.LD, Star Trek original series (which I bought!) and earrings, plus bracelets with M&M’s and love hearts on! I spent a while at that stall! There was so much to look at!

Anyway, keep reading and watch out for two new shorts to be posted within the next two weeks!

Thanks for taking the time to read this blog!! 🙂



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