Coming Soon!!

I posted a small piece of writing on my blog a while back. It was about a woman named, Meredil, who wakes to find herself stranded on an island. Her memory is fuzzy. She’s not sure where she’s ended up or how she got there. It was a section of a story I started years ago, before the clear picture of my novel came to mind. What I have decided to do is continue her journey in my blog, with a view to publishing on Wattpad. Although, I don’t have a working title, as yet. However, I’m sure one will eventually surface in my mind.

This is basically a tool that will serve several purposes. One; it will help me with my writing. Two; it will give me a chance to practise. Three; help to develop the character. Four; I really like where the story is going! I don’t know about anyone else but I’d really like to know what happens.

I’ve got to refine my writing and these shorts and blog are really help me do that. I’m not one to talk about my home life all that much as writing is on my shortlist for preferred things I’d rather do. Instead of housework and all the usual mundane stuff that diverts my attention on occasion, I’d rather post a short, or artwork, instead of rattling on about how many cobwebs I noticed on the ceiling today. If I’ve got something more interesting to say, that isn’t writing orientated, then I will strive to make it as exciting as possible.

There could be castles involved. Be ready for a few pics and stories relating to adventures in old historic houses where the ghosts of people long past still walk the empty corridors…Or the tale of the baby in the buggy who scared her uncle witless. When in an old stable the child pointed at the empty space before the back wall and made a sound like a greeting and her uncle thought she was talking to a ghost!! Just a few odd stories like that, really. Plus all the usual stuff about writing. How to get an agent. A publisher. Or just things I’ve picked up and found handy to know. All the things I’m utilizing right now. Plus, a few things I’ve learnt along the long, hard road of writing and wanting to take it further than just a hobby.

Watch this space…And thanks for reading!!


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