The Competition Has Ended!!

And the winner is…Drumroll please…for the best and only idea about clockwork, @GunterWriting!

Congratulations! I will get right on the short story for your reading enjoyment. Hoping to get it done quickly. The ideas are already bubbling in my head like a great big vat of witch’s brew!  Let’s just hope it doesn’t turn anyone into a toad or whatever! 🙂

So far, I’m thinking that the short will be loosely linked to the world of my novel, but some time in the distant future, after all the adventures of my own story arc are all finished. However, the links to that will probably only be apparent after reading my completed novel, unless readers pick anything up from previous short stories.

Although, as I’m fond of saying, all things are subject to change, and will all depend entirely on where the story leads me. Who knows what will happen??

And, of course, I’ve got the artwork to do as well. As my husband says, ‘Well, at least it’ll keep you busy!’

I will be very busy soon! As I’ve mentioned recently, my plans, now that I’m recovering well from my operation, and not suffering from the pain I was before, are to get on with my novel and find an agent ASAP! I’d really like to see it in print form by end of 2015! But that’s mainly hope talking! It all depends on how long it takes to get said agent, a publisher, and then all the processes of getting published, all that takes time.

For now, I’ll content myself with doing this short, finishing my novel and starting on the next while I wait!

Thanks for reading!


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