Short Story Complete! What’s Next?

warriorOkay! Short story was finished and posted on Wattpad yesterday afternoon and I’m about 90% sure it was good enough for people to read, until I went to bed and had a bit of thought on the matter. Today, I’m updating a small section, just to clarify a few things, and make a certain character’s reaction more realistic, and a heck of a lot more complex!

As in life, nothing is just black and white, there are many grey areas within the human condition, emotion and how we react to things we’ve experienced, it all makes us who we are as a person.

This particular short is actually a glimpse into the world of my novel. It sort of like a mini prequel of events that will make sense to readers, if they get a chance to discover my novel in all its full-length glory! It was supposed to be the prologue to said novel, but in the end I took it out. Mainly, due to personal reasons I’ve yet to decipher for myself, much less know how to explain to anyone else asking the question! However, I thought it would make a good short, sort of like a taster!

Time is ticking on for the competition! That ends tomorrow! So, it looks like my one and only comment shall make for an interesting short all its own! Unless, I get a major surprise and someone else comments/makes a suggestion! It has to beat clockwork, though! 🙂

Once the deadline is met, the work begins! Writing the short and doing the artwork will likely take me a few weeks to complete! The drawing/painting will likely take longer than the short itself! Usually I can get a short done in a few days, or less, depending on the usual life distractions! Artwork, hmmm, well, that can take a little longer, especially when forming a whole new creature! But, I’m hoping to get it all completed by 16th September, at the latest! I know it’s a whole month, but it gives a little breathing room, just in case appointments, and such, take over in the interim.

That said, I have a lot of work to do on my novel. I do have it all played out in my head, not to mention a lot of notebooks stuffed with ideas, pages of research, books galore on various subjects relating to my work. The only thing I have left to do is type it all. Conversations are sort of like my nemesis. I write something, go over it, and feel it doesn’t flow, sometimes that can take me hours! Since starting this blog and doing the Wattpad thing I’ve started to take a much more relaxed approach to such things and I’ve found my work has improved.

The main thing I find irritating in some books is the whole explanation thing, where you may get a character, perhaps a young boy for instance, you joins the group, and starts to ask all sorts of questions, just so the rest can explain what’s going on in the book. Or, you get an internal monologue of narration giving reams of detail into magical construct. I write differently, and integrate such things directly into the story, nothing comes all at once! I’ve found books that do this make me work, I have to use my brain to figure stuff out for myself, and it also feels more natural.

It’s all about personal taste, of course. What suits one reader doesn’t suit them all.

Honestly, all I want to do is write a really good story, full of adventure, excitement, a means of escape from the world of reality, if only for as long as the pages in the book. This is my main goal. It has to be something I would want to sit down and read myself. It has to be good!

On that note, I’d just like to say that I will still be working on a few shorts in between writing my novel, mainly as a way to release the pressure of writing such a long book. It’s also a way to keep myself sharp when the kids are off and I don’t have the luxury for peace in the day and the novel ends up a night owl thing!! Shorts are usually easy for me to handle, when I get a bit of time, but don’t want to open up my novel just in case I get disturbed right in the middle of something really interesting! Like a request for homemade play doh, for example. 🙂

I have my goals. I’m hoping to met them. Soon…

Until then, thanks for reading!





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