Updates! Competition! Generalized Info dump!

Well, basically, there is still only one idea for the competition I posted about two weeks ago asking readers to send in suggestions that I could use as the basis for a short story to alleviate the boredom of my post-op recovery.

At the moment, it looks likes the winner will be @gunterwriting, by default! (sure he won’t be complaining). The winner will also get a drawing/painting of something that relates to the world I am creating in the novel I’ve been working on for the past ten years, or so. At the moment, given current sketches I think it will actually be one of the many creatures that inhabit the world of my novel, but all things have a habit of changing!

If there are no other contenders, then I shall base my short story on the one and only idea I’ve had so far, which is nothing to sniff at, by the way! In fact, it will make a pretty good story, if all goes to plan!

I’ve also go my short on Wattpad to finish. What with a few personal hiccups, I haven’t had the chance to do the nice little twist I’ve got planned, so for the past few days it’s just been sort of stagnating in the background. The plan today is, finish short, publish, make some play doh for youngest and a batch of chocolate brownies! Easy! Again things are subject to change, but I’m hopeful I will get it all done! Baking and all!

Once the short for the competition and the artwork is finished and sent off, I will then be turning my attention back to my novel full-time, so expect a certain amount of pauses regarding blog and twitter! Once I get started all other things fall to the wayside, especially housework! A task I certainly won’t miss. πŸ™‚

I’m hoping to get novel finished by March next year at the latest, then leave it to stew a bit! After it’s had sufficient time to ferment, I will pull it back out again and start the onerous task of editing. Not my most favourite thing, but like housework it does have to be done, eventually. Once that is complete I will start searching for an agent once more and cross fingers and toes that I manage to get one this time who will be willing to take me on and help me find a publisher happy to put my work into print, complete with cover and all appropriate paraphernalia! πŸ™‚

Not entirely sure when all that will be complete! Hopefully before all my hair turns grey and I have to collect my pension. I will endeavour to keep readers informed of my progress, and wish me luck. (every little helps)

I’m also hoping to share a little more of my passion for other authors I admire and to add a bit more of the writing and publishing advice I’ve picked up that I’ve found really helpful. I hope anyone reading this blog who aspires to be an author also finds it handy as well!

Thanks again for reading!


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