Why Would Anyone Want To Be An Author??

Errm, good question? Now, for a reply that doesn’t sound too dumb or too soppy! Well, I suppose it all started for me, seriously, not including the childhood love of books, and all that, but when the first Lord of the Rings film came out and I made the connection between that and Tolkien who wrote the original books! I thought, hey, I could go do that! Write a really interesting story, let some of my imagination out onto the computer screen, and eventually to that holy grail of a published book! I thought, yeah, my book can sit alongside some of my favourite authors, like Eddings and Gemmel!

Yeah, right! If only it was so easy.

I wrote that first draft. I didn’t edit it! I didn’t leave it to ferment like you’re supposed to. I made all the mistakes of an amateur. Of an idiot, to be honest!

I’d been on a creative writing course, and if anyone reading this follows me on twitter, they’ll know how that went. Badly, is too nice a word to describe that fiasco!

After I got my pile of rejection slips, well deserved, I might add. I decided to get some really good self-help books, which I’ve spoken about on my blog, and research this god-like power of the writer, see if I could find out what I’d done wrong.

After I read those books, I realised I’d done just about everything I could possibly to do in order to fail as an author, or get picked by an agent.

My covering letter was a disaster, one among many!

I went on to file my first draft under, failure! I went back to the drawing, or rather, writing board. To try and discover this magical solution to making it as an author!

What I did find wasn’t anything I expected. There is no magical goblet at the end of the writing rainbow, for the aspiring storyteller to go grab and down some ‘talent elixir’, that suddenly turns the writer into an agent represented, published author!

It’s just hard work and a heck of a lot of imagination!

My first draft wasn’t rubbish like I’d assumed, it just needed reworking, researching, redefining, and most importantly, edited.

It’s hard to make it any profession, and writing is a job for me, not just a hobby.

Yes, I love it. Love the world, characters, the story I’m building, but I’m determined to make it. To one day have my books on the shelf beside my writing heroes.

Thanks for reading!


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