General Writing…

I’ve already previously commented that writing a novel is no easy thing to accomplish, at times it can be frustrating, hard work that takes up a heck of a lot of time.

It’s also rewarding when, as a writer, you get that perfect scene, or something just clicks and it makes you feel its all been worth it.

If only real life was as simple as getting a character right, generating a coherent plot, unfortunately, it’s usually life for me that is a lot less simple than writing.

I love reading. I like to escape. It’s why I started writing in the first place, so I could go into a world of adventure all of my own making with people I really cared about. Later, I wanted to share that love of books and writing with others, so I set up this blog, a Wattpad account, and Twitter, so I could share that same passion with others who hopefully enjoyed the same books as me and could enjoy a good story.

It’s also the reason for the competition, I guess, a way to share, to connect…

I’ve had the idea I blogged about the other day. One I wouldn’t mind writing about.

Same as before…Thanks for reading.


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