A Terrible Writer??

Who knows what makes a truly terrible writer, is it bad prose, terrible characters? For me, it has to be that first sentence in that first paragraph that really grabs me and refuses to let me go, even when I’ve finished the book, it goes on my bookshelf, and waits there, until I go back, open those same pages and read that adventure all over again!

I’ve picked up books full of hope, and then been disappointed as I slide them back onto the shelf or cancel the excerpt on Amazon and decide not to buy it.

It’s really a mixture of things. A book doesn’t have to start with action, it could just be a really engaging character, a gripping word, sentence, and of course, the story has to have something about it to engage my attention before I hand over the cash and my patronage.

I’ve had people say my work is good, intriguing, should be published, but I never believe a word they say, for me, everything I do, including housework could always be better. Perhaps, I’ll never get published due to my obsessive nature, but I do hope that is not the case!

I’ve completed a novel before and realised it needed reworking, so I can do it!

Being knocked back is hard, but i’ll get over it and bounce back like always!

BUT I have a challenge for anyone willing to pick up the gauntlet! Gather your thoughts readers and choose your weapon of choice…give ideas on a short story, and I will write it! THEN, you get to vote on what idea gets written…it can be anything, although I prefer the fantasy and sci-fi world in general, but go on, amaze me, even scare me with your challenge, and let’s see what I can do!

Oh, by the way closing date: 16th August 2014, and I’ll aim to get your story on this blog before I go on holiday end of August!


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