Typing One Handed!

Ok, here we go! Got out of hospital Sunday 27th July, had an operation on my back to remove disc material that had leaked into my spinal cavity and was pressing on the main nerves, typically, with my luck, it started on the right and then spread to the left! So, had a bilateral incision, basically a fancy term which means I’ve got two cuts either side of spine, now held together with internal stitches and surgical clips. But, at least the chronic pain in my legs has now gone, I can actually concentrate on writing instead of the constant discomfort!

Now, enough of that! It’s all done, I’ve just got to be careful and not do anything stupid during the six weeks recovery time! Like lifting, hoovering, all the usual, so, yay, no housework for me, just pottering about and waiting for it to heal.

In the meantime, I will continue with my blog and the dispensing of useful, or at least, I hope it’s proving handy, all this writing advice I keep on typing up for you guys. Oh, and also to refresh my own memory, of course. I’d like to get publish sometime within the next decade at least!

If anyone has any questions regarding my last post about writing a novel please feel free to leave a comment or question and I will try my very best to answer it wisely and promptly!

That’s it for today, typing on my side is a bit taxing!! Blog you all soon! 🙂


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