Comments. Questions. Opinions…

It’s strange when I ask for comments from people on my blog that I hardly ever get anything, I mean, it’s not like I’m going to bite or anything…and I don’t have a pack of Stymphal beasts to find out where you live and stand there slobbering all over your doorstep until you give me the opinions I’ve asked for!! ūüôā It seems a bit of a shame that so many readers don’t feel confident in giving comments or even asking questions of their own, or maybe it’s just because I’m not all that interesting? Nah, can’t be…

Anyway, I was going to rave about Polgara the Sorceress today, but I’m not so sure whether that’ll go down all that well, given my success, or lack there of, regarding Belgarath. ūüė¶

So, what to talk about…hmmm, my own stuff, maybe not, doesn’t look like any of that’s going down all that well on here either…nervously taps fingernails on coffee table…I’d ask people to send me queries asking what they’d like me to talk about, but I think it’ll have to be up to me and my few remaining brain cells…as you get older they degrade, you know, at least that’s what I’m finding anyway!

Well, i’ll just have to make something up then, won’t I? I mean, I’m supposed to be a writer, this aspiring author as it claims on my bio via all these social media thingy’s…

Perhaps, I should have told a story of my own yesterday, would that have got more of a reaction?

Ok. Takes deep breath, sighs it out, thinks long and hard…right, this is it…

First thing Meredil knew, or rather felt, was¬†coarse¬†sand¬†coating¬†her mouth with¬†salted grit that also scraped¬†her bare skin and burned the left side of her face like it’d been doused in¬†oil and¬†set alight.

Hand shaking, she tentatively touched the pain, and almost screamed aloud, but instead, bit her lip so hard warm copper of blood mixed with the metallic sand. Coughing, gagging, she nearly puked.

Instead, she cautiously rolled onto her side, grinding sand between her teeth, fully expecting more agony to shoot through her body, but, there was only a slight twinge from bruised muscle.

Spitting blood and grit, blurred image of pink spittle flecking the wet compacted beach shimmered before her eyes like a mirage. She blinked trying to clear, but like her mind it was still a little fuzzy.

Sinking her nails into the thick wetness of the beach Meredil pulled herself to her knees and tried to stand, feet sinking into the sand, she wobbled, her head felt like it was full of water, floating…

Closing her eyes and putting a hand to her brow, Meredil tried to still the tempest raging inside her mind as fleeting images swept before her thoughts, full of darkness, screaming…She flinched, blood spattered her face, no, her eyes flared wide, had, it had struck her face when he’d, when the captain¬†of the ship had…Meredil trembled, when he’d set on fire, from the inside,¬†eyes¬†alight with a strange glow, red like the blood that had ruptured from his flesh right before…

‘No,’ she moaned softly. ‘I don’t want…I don’t want to remember…’

‘And you won’t,’ a voice snapped¬†behind her. ‘Not if you stand around here gawping like a tourist!’

Meredil whipped round to find herself facing…well, no-one,¬†just her and this¬†stupid endless beach of ugly black sand, surrounded by jagged grey rock.

‘It’ll be your grave if you don’t get moving.’

Meredil jumped as that same damn voice barked in her ear with no actual physical body, no-one she could look in the eye and know if they could be trusted, or eradicated, if they proved deceitful.

‘Your so-called talents won’t do you much good out here, girl,’ the voice hissed, so close now, she could actually tell that it was definitely masculine. ‘You’re weak, half drowned, half dead, useless.’

‘Well, thanks for the sarcasm, but, now¬†how do I put this politely, oh, that’s right, piss off!’

You may think this place looks like some kind of resort where you can catch some sun and get a tray of cold drinks while you recuperate, but the¬†residents…’ he snorted like he’d made a joke.

‘Those who survive here will hunt you down, show no mercy…’

The dull tone of a horn cut through her invisible advisor’s next words.

Twisting round, Meredil¬†made out a few dots moving along the ragged edge of some trees. There was a nervous energy to their movements that set Meredil’s heart to racing and her feet to moving a heck of a lot faster, even though there was no bloody way out! She was trapped, and they were coming, whoever the Hel they were supposed to be, but from the voice in her head she didn’t want to know. And where was her damned helper now? Just when she needed a disembodied voice to tell her where to go, it had damn well abandoned her…

‘No,’ a calm tone replied.
Meredil skidded to a halt just so she didn’t smack right into the man who’d appeared in front of her like some cheap magic trick at the fair.

The man’s thin mouth turned down slightly. ‘I don’t think that was entirely polite,’ he commented. ‘I work very hard on my skills, it’s not been easy surviving on this heap of rock, making sure the local wildlife, not to mention, other undesirables, from taking a bite of my…’

Meredil¬†flinched as a high-pitched scream cut through the¬†man’s droning speech.

The man’s pale features curdled like old milk. ‘Errm, well, yes, we’d better be leaving.’

‘And how do I know you can be trusted not to just hand me over to your friends?’

The man’s cool blue eyes turned hard. ‘Trust me, Meredil, you’re safer with me than if you decide to go down the very dangerous path your debating right now.

‘Besides.’ His expression brightened, though his gaze remained fixed on the horizon and a long fingered hand gripped the obsidian wand sheathed in his belt. ‘I’ve got a nice adventure all planned, it’ll be¬†like a picnic, but, without¬†the food, just lots and lots of excitement.’

He made a gesture to the rock behind him.

Meredil stepped up. ‘Why do I get the feeling I’m¬†jumping from the frying pan right into the fire.’

‘Just so you know,’ the man replied, his eyes fixed to a point beyond her shoulder. ‘Before we die, I’m Lyus.’ He glanced back at her. ‘And I’m so very sorry Meredil, I thought we’d have more time.’

‘Oh, what now-‘ Meredil turned.

Just caught sight of a flash of scales and flat, dead eyes, right before the¬†world literally went up in fire and smoke…Meredil fell back then,¬†down and down, into¬†darkness, the silence of no memory…

Right that’s it! A short clip into an old story I wrote years ago. See what you think…


2 thoughts on “Comments. Questions. Opinions…

    1. Thanks! A comment at last after such silence, it’s nice. Personally, a lot of my old writing isn’t what I’d call publishing quality, however it gives insight into the sort of stuff I like to read well as write, so thank you for taking the time to comment

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