Being Creative!!

Being all creative and writerly isn’t all that easy! What is? Well, making excuses not to work on my novel. Using Twitter, Wattpad, and even this blog as a way to avoid writing.

Oh, yeah, and Hay Day, this new game i’ve become slightly addicted to.

They’re all a means to avoid doing what I know I have to do and also what I really love doing. Sadly, lately, what with a few issues going on, including health problems on my side of the fence, I haven’t had the ability to write as much as i’d like.

Wattpad…well, I wanted a means to get a few snippets of my work out there, test the waters so to speak and hope there weren’t too many alligators or sharks wanting to bite my creative head off…the short story I keep going on about is nearly finished. Honest.

BUT…I don’t really want this blog to be all about wahat work i’m doing on Wattpad, or whatever, but more about writing, how i work at it, what i’ve learnt, stuff that’s helpful, and also so readers can get to know me as a person not just a writer etc!

And in a way this blog has helped me in allowing me to type words I would say rather than trying to make it too perfect, or work on it too much and ruin what i’ve written, a very bad habit I have as writer. I go over things way too much instead of just correcting the spelling mistakes and the grammar, I start to change the whole chapter, or even re-write the thing, even though it isn’t really necessary or even needed. My husband has told me off for that on quite a few occasions, saying I’ve actually ruined what was a really good scene/chapter/conversation.

This has led me to think that what I’m doing is all wrong! I’ve decided to go back to my original story, which had more humour, it will still be slightly on the darker side of fantasy, mainly because of the content, but I really don’t want a sulky, moody persona for my central character, well not too much, we all have our moments after all, as do many of the characters in my novel. We can’t always be jolly, go-lucky all the time, neither are we perfect, so I believe this needs to reflect in the personalities I’ve created for the people within my story, to make them more real and more believable.

Quite a lot of the advice I’ve read lately is what i already do in my work, I don’t want female characters in there just so they can be rescued by the main character. A lot of my female characters are strong willed, some even blunt and to the point, they certainly don’t need rescuing, except maybe having their mouths taped over on occasion!

I also don’t want to stereotypes, my first draft had female antagonist who was trying her best to kill off my male protagonist, and she was way too predictable, like a cardboard cut-out of chracters I’ve seen on way too many old films when a woman is the rival/enemy, no I’ve made her more complicated and not so blatant, her goals aren’t so cut and dry, not so clear, even to those who work beside her and believe everything they know is real and has always been…

Life isn’t black and white, it isn’t so easy to know what others want, what their motives are, what they say is actually what they think, what they’ll do next…

I’ve tried to make the world in my novel more real, but with fantasy flair thrown in!


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