Think of Something to Say, Darn It!

Sigh…it’s not always easy to think of something that’s even remotely interesting to blog about as my day-to-day life isn’t what you’d ever call thrilling!

What I’d really like to do is natter about my book, but I’m one of those people who likes to keep things close, like a hand of cards in poker, I feel my novel is like that, a secret to be kept until I can get it published!

However, I am writing a short story on Wattpad, which is almost complete as I’d already written it as a prologue, so it just needed a few adaptions & then, voila, it’ll be done & ready to read.

I’m not against sneak peeks, much like a fellow blogger & tweeter, Michael Gunter, whose upcoming novel, Hunter, is in the pipeline of progress & from the excerpts, looks pretty darn good to me! Michael Gunter has proven to me, it is possible to wet the appetite of potential reads by dropping a few tit-bits here & there! Like the bread crumbs in a famous fairytale, I hope my own trail will lead to an awesome adventure people will love!

So, watch this space! And also my twitter! For the opportunity to read a brand new venture into myth & magic, with a sprinkling of Demons, sorcerers…I hope will show my love of the more traditional fantasy with the addition of techniques I’ve learnt within the writing process & a bit of a modern twist on the old classic, a little dark, but there’s also light, and quite a bit of shade! 🙂


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