Finding Time!

It’s not always easy finding the opportunity to get writing done, what with a husband who works from home, three kids, four cats and two dogs that are constantly vying for attention, but i try to get something done, even if it’s just this blog and a few notes for my book. Although, what i’d really like to do right now, is type out some serious chunks of my novel, the ideas are almost bursting out my brain! My main character, if he got chance to step outisde the confines of his story would probably set a blade to my throat and growl a few choice threats in my ear! It might work too! If fantasy could ever become reality, then i’d be in a world of trouble, likely have a queue ranting at me to finish so their story could be read and told…

It’s the main thing i enjoy about writing, making stuff up that is just believable that it makes the reader think, perhaps even worry that something lurks there in the dark, or what’s that flickering on the edge of awareness?

I love to defy rules, monsters, ghouls and demons threatening to tear free of the page!

What i wanted to write was a story that was based upon a few Polish folk tales, and a bit of obscure myth thrown into the mix. Add a depth of history, a dash of magic, mages, witches, a sorceress who’s so twisted she’s reshaped the whole of that world’s past just to suit the present she wants to live in…there’s even a hero who, according to all the legends, is supposed to be the bad guy, oh yeah, and the main motto of this land i’ve been busy creating, not everything is what it seems!

And, hopefully, one day soon, i’ll get to that last chapter, with just a hint of regret to those final words, but more than a little excitement that it isn’t really the end, no, it’s just the beginning!


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