After the Long Pause

So…been a while since I posted, hope no-one’s missed my insightful comments too much! 🙂

Anyway, It’s been all go here at the madhouse we call home! Laminate flooring, skirting, wallpapering, painting, laying carpet, putting together furniture, and cleaning the mess.

Now the manic period of DIY is over, neither of us want to even see a pasting brush or a hammer for a long while, or in my husband’s case, never again!

Although, for me, even while doing all this crazy stuff, I’ve been itching to write.

I really do enjoy it. Despite the ups and downs.

While i type, the story develops, chracters grow and change, the plot twists and turns…

A bit like life really, except with swords and sorcery! 🙂


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