The Easy Option Isn’t Always Best!

Been away for a bit! My husband and I have been laying this so-called quick click flooring, which, despite the name, doesn’t live up to the hype. We’ve been at it since Sunday morning and it’s been causing us no end of hassle, not to mention quite a few choice swear words on my husband’s part. Also, my bright idea was to take off the old skirting boards in order to ensure the laminate flooring would have a lovely straight edge and we’d have nice new skirting instead of the old stuff that our pup, Rogue has already taken a bite out of when bored! This also turned out not to be such a great brain wave on my part as the walls in our house are not straight and despite all efforts in one place the skirting will not be wide enough to cover this gap! It’s been close to hair pulling time on both sides of the fence and just emphasizes my husband’s dislike of D.I.Y…

The flooring is basically a metaphor for life at the moment and my writing progress…I thought doing Wattpad would be a great idea, a way to get my foot in the door so to speak, for readers to sit up and take notice of my so-called skills and that i’d get comments upon my short stories and mid-length novel/novella that i’m currently working on! 

Unfortunately, it’s turning out to be somewhat of a hassle as i’m struggling to split my time between Wattpad and the novel i’ve been trying to get published for so long now i feel like i’ve been at forever! 

So, just because something seems like a good idea doesn’t always mean it works for everyone…same with writing i guess!


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