When The House Is Quiet…

During the interim when my husband is at work and the kids are in school is when i usually get most of my best work done. I like to be able to think without any of the usual distractions. I don’t have the t.v on and i rarely listen to music these days when i’m writing. Usually, this means i don’t get a lot of work done at weekends, unless it’s at night when everyone else is in bed. I just prefer the peace and quiet.

Every writer has their own preferences of what they like to do, how they prepare, how they write…Me? I generally start with an idea, a sentence, and go from there. I tend to do quite a bit of research, into names sometimes, weapons, fighting techniques, history, even economies, mythology, magic, depending on what i think the story needs, but i don’t just head off and do a bulk session of fact-finding. I may come to a point in a story where there is a need, for example, magic, and if i feel further detail is required i’ll either go to my books and read up a bit, or if the internet is required, i’ll print off what i need and pick out the bits that are relevant, such as, during one chapter i had a character sat in a pub, and i wanted to look into the history of gas lamps, and the mechanics etc.  

During such times, i prefer the house to have less activity than usual because it helps me to concentrate on what i’m doing.

At other times, well, i like to study people, their mannerisms, reactions, the way they talk and use that to help me flesh out characters.

Although, in the fictional books I’ve read, the way people talk is not how people speak in real life, or the pages would be full of ‘errm’ and probably long pauses where there is nothing but uncomfortable silence.   

At the moment, i’m in the middle of one of those times i like the best, the house is quiet and i’m ready to write…


2 thoughts on “When The House Is Quiet…

  1. I’m very lucky as I travel a lot, so I get to sit in nice quiet hotel rooms and get all my stuff down. When I get home to the kids, not much happens at all.

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