The Often Rough Road of Writing!

There are days aplenty when i just can’t build up the stamina to sit in front of the computer and get past that blinking cursor, mocking my efforts, as if to say, you’ll never get there, you know, you’ll never finish this book, it’ll never get published, who’re you kidding?

And as I’ve mentioned before, I’ve got rejections slips, returned manuscripts, and all that…But after about a half dozen attempts, and after careful consideration, I realized, this just isn’t working. Not only that, but my cover letter was just too clinical and way too bland!

I’ve read a recent blog and there was a comment about the blogger having to come out their shell more, sometimers I’m so tightly packed into mine I can’t see the light for the darkness that is my own self-doubt. It isn’t from lack of support, but rather a lack of enthuisasm for when i get really excited about a scene, conversation, a character, even a sentence, I’m usually met with a blank expression because the people around me, who want to give me the chance to do this, don’t realise how caught up I get in my work, how entangled I become in a story, and sometimes it can be a real letdown not having anyone who can share in that joy of reading a book and laughing when a character makes a joke, or getting a lump in their throat when someone dies in a story you’ve emmersed yourself so deeply in you can’t help but feel…

This is what I want, and am trying, to accomplish. I write stories I would like to read. Hopefully, I’m developing the kinds of characters readers with either love or hate, dpending on who they are within the story, and that readers will finish one book and be eager to go grab the next, all for the love of the story and the people living within those pages. 

It’s about knowing I’ve done something I really wanted to do, that others enjoyed the books I’m currently writing and the one’s I’ll hopefully write in the future, as much as I did creating them…

At the moment, it’s all about getting my novel finished, but in the interim I’m honing my skills doing short stories on Wattpad and this blog, to develop my writing, get a little feedback, and helping flesh out some of the characters from my main project.

It’s not always easy. I don’t always have a lot of free time, what with kids, dogs and cats, my veg patch, and all the other stuff that tags along behind a busy family, but i do try and get a little writing done everyday, even if it’s just a few sentences, a paragraph or 6hrs, all of it helps get the story finished, which is my first goal of many along the road to publishing.  


9 thoughts on “The Often Rough Road of Writing!

  1. Haha people definitely don’t know how hard it is. I feel like some people consider writing to be less intense than other jobs but if anything it’s just as intense. It’s a full-time job like any other job out there — it just doesn’t have as good of a salary.

    1. Yeah! I always think it’s funny how some people think getting a book published is going to be this huge amount of payout for not a lot of work! (that actually happened to me!)

    2. Hah! No books as yet, but when younger i did some poetry, put all my heart into it and got it in a local hospital magazine, but sadly, no cash, it was voluntary.

      I’ve been a reader since i learnt and got my first proper book. As for writing, well, i started when i was fourteen, took it seriously at 24yrs old, and have been striving to get my novel out there ever since.

    3. I suppose my comment could be confusing, but I’ve read a lot of books and looked into the publishing world, and realised it’s not as glamorous as people think, also it’s not that easy to get picked up by an agent, never mind actually get something published, and the money, well, it isn’t always the big payout sometimes advertised by those who’ve been lucky enough to have their books made into film etc…sorry if my comment was misleading.

    4. Sure! Well, i’ve got a bit of knowledge, i’m willing to share, but i’d never dream of telling anyone how to write, as each writer has a different technique all their own, along with their own narrative voice etc. BUT there are a few books that have helped me with the process, Writing A Novel by Marina Oliver, The Marshall Plan for Getting Your Novel Published by Evan Marshall, Solutions for Novelists by Sol Stein and of course Kickass Writer by Chuck Wendig, all useful material. 🙂

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