Fantasy worlds we’d like to live in!

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’ve read quite a few books!

And I’ve also wanted to dive right into those pages and live the story for myself…

From being a child and delving into the world of Enid Blyton, traveling along with the Famous Five and wishing I could go roaming the countryside in an old traditional caravan and find adventures or have them seek me out!

Then, there was the teenage period where anything I read, unless homework based, was horror, Stephen King and The Tommy Knockers to a compilation of stories where the cover was so scary I would hold it gingerly with just my fingertips touching the front!

And, sadly, there was an interim period in my life where I thought being an adult meant only the weight of responsibilities now that I had two young children, it was all housework, and complaining of boredom when the kids were asleep or off playing on their own.

It was my husband who pointed out that if I liked reading so much why didn’t I go out and get myself a book!

So, off I went to WHSmith, and scanned the shelves, not really expecting anything to jump out and grab me, until I spotted the cover of Dark Moon, by David Gemmel and after reading the back and the first page I almost ran to the till!

After that I haven’t looked back! Mostly, I’ve stuck to fantasy, but I’ve dipped my toe into Sci-Fi by Peter F Hamilton, and quite a few Non-Fiction books, like crystal healing, metal magic, and of course, cookery, especially baking, I really love cake, eating and making! 

I find that my favorite books are the more traditional style fantasy, like Gemmel and Eddings with magic, wizards, and even the orphan boy who finds out he’s got some great destiny to fulfill! I think its because of the memories they invoke, they always make me smile.

Chris Bunch and his Dragon Master series showed me that you don’t need massive paragraphs of information to get the sense of surroundings or description of a character and make them so real you want to reach out and hope what you touch is really there.

I get a lot of inspiration from the books I’ve read and I suppose I wondered what, if any, inspiration does anyone else out there find when they open a book and begin to read their next adventure or perhaps a comment to tell me about past memories of stories that even now stay with you… 


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