Nothing’s Ever Easy!

From a young age I remember being told that nothing you want ever comes easy, you’ve got to work, and work hard, and even then, you don’t always get what you want or think you deserve. 

It’s a philosophy I’ve stuck to all my life, even when we lost our house and had to start all over again, when I got rejection slips from agents and had this niggling suspicion they never even turned the first page of my manuscript. I looked over that first novel and took it apart piece by piece, even though it hurt and it was hard work, I realized I wasn’t ready to be published yet, my book wasn’t ready…

So, I went back to the drawing board, or rather the computer, developed the characters, created an even more in depth history, did a short story, which was more of a prequel, a fictional bio for my world and characters. It helped me to understand how the present I was writing had come about, what made the people act like they did, why this person ended up here, while another became the devil so to speak and others still were erased from history…

I also changed the core story, the plot is different, some of the characters also, until what I had was a completely different novel, with just a few sprinklings here and there of its originality.

I wasn’t ready to give up on my central character.

I know the story I want to create is a good one.

It just needed editing, hard work.

And I’ve done a few different stories, not based in that original world I started with ten years ago, just to keep my edge, and have a break now and then. I have notebooks filled with ideas. All I have to do is keep on working, eventually I’ll get that acceptance letter!











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