Monday Morning’s…

Need I say more? Or perhaps I should just dispense with the stereotypical idea that Monday is the only day that gets me, or anyone else, down. For me, personally, it can be pretty much any day of the week, and often weekends, where the house is full of noise.  

Distraction is a big problem for me when writing. A good day is when the t.v is off and there’s just the tap-tapping of the computer keys and maybe the occasional snoring of my eldest dog, Gizmo, rumbling through the silence I prefer.

I find writing to be so much more than a hobby these days, now that i’m older, and thinking of taking it seriously and getting published. 

Getting an idea is easy. I have plenty. Most are related to my current novel, but I get a lot of new thoughts, short stories, prequels, spin-off novellas that star some of my favorite characters, stand alone novels that are completely unrelated to anything i’m doing now.

Watching history programs or reading a book on mythology can spark some amazing ideas, but that’s only the beginning of the process for me. I don’t obsessively plan, but I research things like weapons, military, such as campaigns, fighting techniques if that’s part of the story, also animals, folk tales, magic, even herbs and crystals.


Fantasy has been around for a while now and I find there are a lot of repetitions, especially the magic.    

I like to turn things on their head. 

I have to mention Brandon Sanderson and his Mistborn series. Within its pages there are some very interesting concepts. The magic of that book is one I’ve never seen before and the ending was one I didn’t expect at all! This is what I love. And what i would like to achieve with my own work, doing the unexpected and like I read somewhere, “Don’t take the reader where the reader wants to go”.

Keep watching. Keep reading, And maybe you too will get turned down a path you didn’t even consider…


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