Effect of Covers

ImageCover of House of Sept included with this blog and i just wondered what sort of cover makes people reach out and pick a book off the shelf? Or does the blurb on the back urge readers to flick open that front cover and read the first sentence and then eagerly dash off to the till cash/card gripped in hand ready to pay for the next adventure they hope resides within those fragile pages? #curious


3 thoughts on “Effect of Covers

  1. Only all the time. 🙂 A good cover and blurb are the lure on the hook, for me, at least. They won’t guarantee I’ll be caught, but they definitely increase your chances. 🙂

    BTW, that’s quite a cover…. where’d you acquire it?

  2. I think a good title and cover are the first step. given you are in a book shop, then the blurb abd finally the opening paragraph, in that order. On line is quite different, because its much harder to ‘browse’ through new titles, and you come across them mainly through reviews

    1. True enough! Although i’ve found when i get a reccomendation occasionaly the cover has an influence on my interest, followed closely by description and then if there is an excerpt of the book, such as on Amazon, that is also a factor on whether or not i’m interested. But mostly, i have to say, it’s the first page that either makes or breaks a book for me.

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