I’m not a know it all!

It’s all well and good going to creative writing classes and reading all the self-help books, taking on other people’s advice, but there is no way i’ll ever claim to know all there is about writing, getting an agent (hence all the rejection slips) or even publishing, a dream i can’t even begin to believe could ever be real at the moment, it’s just a hope, a stubborn determination that one day, yes, i’ll make it.

So, i keep on going back to the keyboard, pressing the button, watching the flash of the hard drive as it powers up and the monitor flares into life, giving me the option to look at docs or go onto the the removable drive…the mouse clicks on the icon and the previous days words are black against the white of the screen, cursor blinking against the blank space where i left off, like it can’t believe I’ve come back. As if the machine even doubts i’ll get this book finished and allow the characters to live and breath as they should.

And, yes, i get down, fed-up i can’t type faster, that the humdrum of daily chores gets in the way, but bit by bit, the word count gets longer, the story, plots and sub plots interweave to create a history, a reality for the characters to live in, a world for them to protect.

Writing this book is what keeps me sane, when it’s not driving me crazy! 🙂

I love what i do. I have a chance to write full-time and that’s not a luxury all writers/authors get.

And i fully intend making the most of that opportunity.   


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